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Set up your opening hours on social


The customer-first mantra has made us more aware than ever about the importance of providing a quick response to questions, complaints, and feedback. Being clear about when your customers can contact you is an important step in delivering the best customer service on social.


Communicating your opening hours on social makes your life as SoMe manager easier. You can easily check your response time to fans and followers within those hours. You can also find out your total response time, which indicates how long your community is typically waiting for a reply. What is more, you also gain access to your fastest and slowest response both within your business hours and over time.




If you are an admin user, you can set up different opening hours for each of your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts directly from Komfo. To enter your opening hours, simply click on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then, go to ‘Channels’ and find the channel you want to set or change.




Click on 'Settings'.




Next, click on 'Opening hours'.




From here, click 'Edit', choose your time zone, and enter your desired opening hours. Bear in mind that it can take some time until the updated opening hours are fully reflected in your Analytics section due to stats updating.




Only items that have received a reply from Komfo are included in the response time overview. If you archive an item without creating a reply/comment, it will not be tracked. If there are certain items (posts, comments or replies) that you do not want to track in the response time, then use the label ‘do not track’ in the Monitor section before replying by clicking ‘Add labels’. The response time will consequently not be included in the calculation.



If you have set up specific business hours, the "off time" will be subtracted from the calculation. Here’s an example:

Your opening hours are Monday to Friday on your Facebook Page are from 9 am to 5 pm (just like in the example before).

  • Let’s assume that you receive a new post/comment on your Facebook page on Monday at 10 am and you reply at 10:15 am. Your response time will then be 15 minutes for business hours and overall time. 
  • Let’s assume that you receive a new post/comment on your Facebook page on Monday at 5:30 pm and you reply at 6 pm. This will not be considered in your business hours, but it will count as 30 minutes in your overall time.  
  • Let’s assume that you receive a new post/comment on your Facebook page on Saturday at 2:00 pm and you reply on Monday at 10:00 am. Your response time will be 60 minutes for your business hours and 1 day and 20 hours for your overall time respectively. 

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