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How to publish posts to your social media channels


If you want to plan your future content strategically, the ‘Publish’ section in Komfo offers you all the tools you need. Here's an overview of what you can do in Komfo to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively with your content.


In Publish, you can easily create and publish your content right away to one or several different social media channels. If you are not able to be online at the time of publishing (during the evenings, weekends, holidays), you can effortlessly schedule content by creating drafts (either ready for approval or with ideas for future posts) and booking ads for your Facebook posts (remember to connect your Facebook ads account in Komfo and set up advertising in the 'Advertise' section to be able to take advantage of this feature). In the 'Planner' section, you can also get an overview of all the content you have scheduled and published across all the social media channels you manage.


Post to a single channel

Before creating your new post, choose the channel type you would like to post to: 



When you have chosen the channel type, you can select the specific channel(s) in the channel selector.

The type of available post types depends on the type of social media channel you have selected. For Facebook, you can choose between text updates, links, carousel/multiple links, video posts, photo posts or photo albums. When you create your post, you can see a quick preview of the post in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. If you want to see a full preview of your post, click on the Desktop Preview or Mobile Preview: 




Once you have entered your text and your visuals, you have some targeting options for your post:  



Under 'Limit audience', you can choose to have your post shown only to those who match certain demographic and geographical criteria. Under 'Target audience', you can target your post towards those target groups with specific Facebook interests. If you have co-created content together with another brand, Facebook requires you tag your collaborators in the 'Tag brand' section. 

By applying a Label to your post, you can categorize your content across all channel types. This allows you to search content within different categories for future reference. You can also use these categories in 'Measure' to find out the performance of your content within a specific category or to compare performance across categories.

In the 'Apply advertising' section, you can book ads for your post that have been set up in the Advertise section of Komfo.  


Create a link post

If you want to attach a link to your post, simply paste or write the link in the 'Status' field. The information will be retrieved from the website you are linking to. You can also change the automatically retrieved text of the title and description. Simply click on the title or description fields to modify the text. If there are any images on the website, a photo will be displayed alongside your link. If using this option always remeber to use either the Desktop og Mobile preview, to see how your post will look when posted. You also have the option of changing the link image by clicking the camera icon and uploading your own photo. This way, you can ensure that your photo has the correct dimensions for a Facebook link post (1200*627 pixels). To get the best results, we recommend uploading your own link image in the correct dimensions. 

Please note that when creating link posts you can't use the organic targeting options as mentioned above for 'Limit audience', 'Target audience', and 'Tag brand'. 


Create a draft 

Instead of publishing your post right away, you can save it as a draft by simply clicking on ‘Save as draft’. This way, you can easily start planning your future posts. You can assign drafts to a colleague for approval or edit them along the way. 


Schedule posts

You can also schedule your posts so that they are published automatically when it's not convenient to do it yourself. After choosing the channel(s) you want to post to and writing the content, simply 'Schedule' and choose the desired date and time for posting. In the section 'Scheduled' from the top bar, you can get an overview of all the posts you have scheduled. Here, you can also edit posts and cancel their publishing.


Post to multiple channels

It is possible to post to several channels at once if they belong to the same type of social media channel. To do that, you need to have access to those channels in Komfo. There are a few options available. You can either select 'all channels' if you want to post to all channels you have access to, select a folder for posting or start typing the name of additional channels in the 'Target' field. After you include your message and click ‘Publish’, the message is automatically posted on all the selected channels.

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