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How to create the same post for different channels with drafts


The draft function makes it easy for you and your team to create and review content drafts for future social publishing. Use drafts when you want to jot down a quick idea, when a team member needs to approve posts before being published, and when you frequently want to re-use the same structure in your posts.

Drafts can be both scheduled and unscheduled. To create a scheduled draft, go to Content Planner and choose the channel(s) and date you want to publish on. Once you’ve written your post, set the scheduling date and click the ‘Schedule as draft’ button. From here, you can assign the draft to a team member for approval and attach an internal note to the post, if needed. The team member will then receive an email notification saying that there’s a draft waiting for approval. The draft will also appear dimmed down in the content planner. When the draft is ready for posting reopen it by clicking ‘edit’, and click ‘schedule’ to book it for publishing.

The assignee of a draft will get a reminder mail 24 hours’ prior to its scheduled time. If the draft is not approved by then, it will just be transferred to an unscheduled draft in the ‘Drafts’ section.



Choose what colleague you would like to assign this post to, add a note, and press save. 



An unscheduled draft is made by writing your post and clicking ‘Save as draft’ in the composer. It will appear in the draft section, where you always have on overview of both pending drafts and scheduled drafts. If you want to use drafts to capture your thoughts and ideas for future publishing, simply assign them to yourself.




Another cool feature is creating a draft for multiple channels at once. The only thing you need to do is to write your draft, select channels you want to target, and ‘Save as draft’. This way, the draft will be split into multiple independent drafts that the content creator of the specific channels can adjust to fit their audience. An example could be an enterprise organization making a global product release. They would schedule a draft in English for all the local channels to translate and publish in multiple languages on the very same day.



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