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What are dark posts and how to use them


If you want to reach defined audiences with targeted content, organic posts might not be enough. We’re shedding light on dark posts to help you use them wisely as part of your strategy on social.


What are dark posts?

Dark posts are posts with ads that will not appear on your page's timeline, and won't get any organic distribution but only paid and viral. The primary use case for creating dark posts is to reach very specific target groups with highly relevant messages, that are not interesting to the whole fan base, e.g. promoting offers to a certain group of fans who often buy this product.

Before dark posts, Facebook pages that wanted to test post content would have to blast messages out to their entire fan base. Most page managers were naturally averse to doing this. When you’ve carefully built your page population, the last thing you want to do is spam them or give them a reason to unlike your page. Dark posts can help you understand which messages your fans react positively to, as you can post different messages to different groups within your community.


When to use dark posts

You can use dark posts if you want to reach specific target groups with a message that is not relevant to your existing Facebook fan base, which would be your default target audience when creating a post organically. For example, if your business is hosting an event in a specific city, you would probably want to target only the people in this city, plus the ones living within a radius of X kilometers from the city. If you used an organic post for this, you would be reaching a lot of people to whom this content would not be relevant, thus increasing the risk of them marking your content as spam or even unfollowing your page.


How to target your website visitors or custom audiences

When you create a dark post, you can also use other targeting criteria that are relevant to your content. You can, for example, target custom audiences based on website traffic, email lists, engagement on your page, and much more.

If you want to target your website visitors through a dark post, you can use the Facebook pixel. This enables you to target people who have visited a specific section of your website, but who have not taken the action you want them to take on that page. Read more about the Facebook pixel.

You can also target your message towards defined audiences based on your customer data (e.g. email lists or phone numbers). These could be members of your customer club to existing or potential newsletter subscribers.


How to create a dark post

If you want to create a dark post, you need to have an active ad set (with an Ads label) in Komfo Ad Manager. Once you have that, you can simply compose your post from the Publish section and check the box 'Dark post'.



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