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Campaign objectives


One of the most important aspects of your Facebook advertising is choosing the correct objectives for your campaigns. Here’s a run-through of the three main objectives for your page posts and the key objectives for increasing your Facebook fan base.


The objective is set when you create your campaign. 




Before choosing your objective, you need to consider what the focus of your campaign is and what you want to accomplish. Here's a description of your objectives to ensure that you pick the correct one:


Post Engagement

If the primary goal of your advertising is to engage the target audience and to receive more likes, comments, and shares on your posts, then the Engagement objective is the way to go. Choosing Engagement ensures that your ads are targeting people who are more likely to engage with your content. 

Hint: If you want to maximize your reach, try changing the bidding method in the ad set to "pr. 1000 impressions".


Website Clicks

If you are promoting sales through a webshop or if your purpose is to drive traffic to a website off Facebook, then the conversions objective is the right option for you. Using this will increase the number of clicks on your links. It gives you the option of using a specific landing page as the optimization objective for your ad sets. 


Website Conversions

Like the objective "Website Clicks", this objective is suitable for link clicks/website traffic. What differentiates it from the other objective is that it requires you to specify a specific conversion traffic pixel to optimize for. 


Video Views
This objective is optimal for increasing the number of views on your Facebook videos.


Page Likes

This is a different kind of objective that does not promote your posts - instead, it creates Page Like Ads. This ad type is designed to recruit more fans for your Facebook page and is excellent for new pages that want to build a fan base quickly. 



The reach objective is for advertisers who want to maximize how many people see their ads and how often. With this objective, advertisers can also maximize the number of impressions they serve, through impressions optimization. This objective is very good when wanting to reach smaller audiences, as you can optimize for range and frequency control. This is relevant when you target smaller audiences to avoid spam and spend too much money on few people. In the pricing tab, you can define how every Facebook user should only be affected by the same ad one time per day or once per 2 days.


Mobile App Engagement
Mobile app engagement ads are ad units targeted to your existing app users, focused on keeping their engagement high.

Mobile App Installs
Mobile app install ads promote your app to people who have not yet installed it. You can track how many new installs you generate, and you can choose to pay for successful new installs only. 

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