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Why should your organization use the Facebook Business Manager


We often get questions on why Facebook Business Manager is needed and whether our customers need to access Business Manager. The answer to that is definitely: yes! But why is that?

Business Manager gives you a better overview of all the accounts and pages you have access to and ensures that these are controlled by the organization and not private accounts. It adds an extra ’layer’ between the organization, the pages, and the accounts associated with it.

Without Business Manager, all pages and ad accounts are connected to profiles – meaning private profiles, and not pages. Therefore, the person creating an ad account owns it personally. In turn, this means that organizations do not have ownership of ’their’ pages and ad accounts. In practice, if the person who created an ad account for the company page leaves the company, the account – and its campaign history – leaves with them. Even though the owner of an ad account can make other people admin, the ownership of the account cannot be transferred. Admins of the page can also remove all other admins. Business Manager eliminates that risk, as the ad account, once transferred to Business Manager, is owned by the business, and not a private profile.



What’s more, Business Manager also gives you an extra set of permissions: you have admins of the Business Manager and admins of pages and accounts. If you are not admin of the business itself you can’t remove pages, control permissions of people, etc. So you can have all the advantage of being the admin of the page, but the ownership of it remains with the organization and the admins of the business.

Separate business and pleasure
When working in Business Manager, you are working in a separate platform to the regular Facebook. Often referred to as ’grey Facebook’ (as you have the grey top menu when navigating in Business Manager, as opposed to the blue top bar known from Facebook), Business Manager  can help you  make sure to act not as yourself, but always on behalf of the pages you manage. This also means that you can separate your personal profile from your work. When connecting to Business Manager, you do that by logging in with your work email. That is also where you will receive all emails regarding the pages and accounts you manage. At the same time, you won’t receive any notifications from your friends while working in Business Manager, so you won’t be distracted by videos of cute kittens.

Invite partners to work on parts of your business
If an ad account or a page is added in Business Manager, it is also possible to give ’partner access’ to the account or page to let agencies, or other strategic partners, work on the account without the need to give them admin access to your business. Your account will be accessible from their Business Manager, and you don’t need to manage the permissions of the specific people within their organization or add and remove people from your account. That will be controlled by the partner – of course, without you losing ownership of your account.

Extra advantages
Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, there are also additional features that come with Business Manager – features you couldn’t get otherwise. In Business Manager, it is possible to create multiple ad accounts. Without Business Manager, you can only get the ad accounts of the people managing your pages – and those would, as previously mentioned, be personal. If you want to create ads for Instagram from an ad account in Facebook, having Business Manager is also required. You also get additional features such as sharing Facebook pixels and saving and reusing payment methods across accounts if you choose to use Business Manager.

Ready to start using the Facebook Business Manager?
Are you still wondering whether to use the Facebook Business Manager? Here is a short wrap-up of why your organization should consider this Facebook tool:

  • Secure the ownership of your Facebook pages and accounts
  • Enable smooth collaboration across teams in your organization
  • Keep your work separated from pleasure and limit distractions from Facebook
  • Invite partners to work on your pages and ad accounts
  • Take advantage of the special features available only in Business Manager


If you want to get started with Business Manager, check out this 'How to' guide.

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