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Create and manage your advertising teams


As Facebook ads become a core element of your business strategy on social, more colleagues, managers, and external agencies will need access to your ad accounts. Here’s how to govern your ads on a team level and provide the right permissions.


To help you work better together, we have created Teams - an account structure that governs all your ad activities. With Teams, you are always in control of user permissions, knowing exactly which ad accounts and campaigns a user can access. This way, you only provide full access to the people that need it.

Whether you are working in a global organization or an agency, Teams is a great feature to use. As a part of a global organization, you can decide who can see your campaigns and what campaigns you want to show. As a part of an agency, you can control the permissions on your advertising by providing client access to specific campaigns, and not all the data in your ad accounts.


How to set up teams 

When you enter Ads in Komfo for the first time, you will are taken through a flow of adding an ad account and creating a team. Click the 'Create ad account' button and follow the flow. 



If you have already set up one or more Teams, you can manage your Teams by clicking the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the yellow menu bar: 



Next, click Teams under the yellow menu bar: 



From here, you can either create a new team by clicking the 'Create New Team' button or you can manage existing teams. To manage a Team, simply choose it from the list of teams and click the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner: 



Here you can edit your team members and choose the campaigns and audiences that your team should manage: 




  • Team name: Give your team a name. The name could be based on country, brand, department or whatever suits you.

  • Client: Most users only have access to one client. If you have access to more than one clients, then select the correct client here.

  • Team ad account: If you have more than one ad account, select the correct account here.

  • Managed campaigns: Transfer ad campaigns from other teams to your current team. You can select as many campaigns as you want. Once the team is created, you can always create additional new campaigns.


Team Members

  • Members: Select the users that should be granted access to this team. You can only select the users that have access to your client. 


*Note: Client Admins in Komfo will always have access to all teams and campaigns. However, Client Users should be assigned to specific teams as mentioned above, to get access.


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