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Export a Facebook Thread (likes and comments)

If you want to save input about your Facebook users more effectively, the ''Export thread' feature in Komfo may come in handy. Here's a quick run-through of how you can use with ease.


With the 'Export thread' feature in Komfo, you are able to download comments and likes on each post and e.g. easily draw a winner for your contest. This way, you can manage and organize participants from competitions effectively.

To export comments and likes on a post, simply go to the published section and find the specific post you are interested in. When clicking 'Export thread', you can download a CSV file with the users that have commented and liked your post. 



This means that all the names of the participants and their answers can easily be sorted and ranked in the sheet, making it easier for you to select the winner.

Not only will this tool help you manage the News Feed contest more easily, it also enables you to generate information about your participants which you can save for your future marketing efforts.


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