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How to add subtitles to your Facebook videos


Due to its overall better performance and engagement rates, video has turned from being SoMe buzzword to 'must-have' content on many marketers' agendas. However, most social media videos are watched without sound, so subtitles are key these days!


You can add subtitles from Komfo and increase view time and engagement of your videos on Facebook. If you upload subtitles, Facebook will only serve them with your video whenever it’s muted. When the viewer has sound on the video, the subtitles will disappear.


Creating .SRT files with subtitles
To add add subtitles to a Facebook video, you will need to create a SubRip (.SRT) file. This is a special format that will tell Facebook when the subtitles should be displayed and for how long. There are several ways to create .SRT files and many free programs can help with this. Check out YouTube’s Subtitles tool or the program AegiSub.

Once you have created your .SRT file, you’ll need to name the file according to Facebook’s language rules. Basically, you’ll just add a tag for the language setting in the file name so your file will end up looking something like “” for English and “” for Danish. 

Adding .SRT files to your video
To add subtitles to your video from Komfo, go to the Publish section and upload your video. Add a title/name of the video (will not be shown in your posts but in your list of videos on your Page), your status update and your video thumbnail. To upload the subtitles file click "Add subtitles", a popup will show. Select language and upload your .SRT file and click "Done". Then the video is good to go and you can schedule it or publish it. 





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