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How to edit a published Facebook post


When content needs updating or publishing went a bit too fast, being able to edit an already published Facebook post comes in handy.


How to edit a post

If you need to edit your already published post, simply go to the specific post. You can find it via your Planner in Komfo. Click on the post in the Planner and you are sent to the Published tab where you can edit the post. To edit just click on the 'pencil icon' and change the text in your post. Click on the red 'Post' button to post your changes. Keep in mind that Facebook only allows you to edit text. 






How to edit a post with Ad(s)

To edit a post that is running as an Ad, you have to delete the Ad(s) for the post. It is currently not possible to edit a post with Ads. To delete an Ad, go to the Ads tab in the Advertising section. Right-click on the Ad you would like to delete and click 'Delete'. 



After deleting the Ad, you can edit the post on Facebook, as described above. When you are done editing, you can easily re-schedule the Ad again. Here's a short guide on how to do it. 

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