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How to create an Instagram ad


In Komfo, you have complete Instagram support! Find out how to achieve all your social objectives when you advertise on Instagram, all from one unified platform.


You can easily select all the objectives that you need for your Instagram advertising straight from Komfo. This means that you can create ads for Instagram without the use of links. Instead, you can choose to advertise to gain more engagement or increase reach. At the same time, you still have the option of optimizing for driving traffic to your website and increasing video views.


Instagram objectives

Here are the objectives that you can use on Instagram:

  • Post engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Link clicks
  • Website conversions
  • Mobile app install ads
  • Mobile app engagement ads
  • Video views


How to create ads in Instagram ad sets

Before advertising on Instagram, you need to connect your Instagram account in Business Manager. The next step is to create an ad set, exactly as you would do if you advertised on Facebook. In the ‘Placements’ section, choose 'Instagram stream', then the Instagram account you would like to advertise on from the drop-down list.






As part of your newly created ad set for Instagram, you can create ads in four different ways: 

  • Create an ad from an already published post: Have you published a post on Facebook that you also want to share on Instagram? Here's how to do it. Please note that according to Facebook, only the posts that are eligible for Instagram advertising will be displayed in this list.
  • Create an ad using Carousel ads (in Website Click campaigns): you can present up to five different items with five unique links in one single ad.
  • Create an ad using 'Compose' in Publish: Add a label from an ad set placed on Instagram to a post you are creating for Facebook straight from Publish. Please note that your ad might not be created if the image format does not correspond to Instagram's image requirements.
  • Create an ad by right-clicking on the ad set: choose 'Create ad' and select "New Instagram ad': 




  1. Choose whether your visual content should be an image or a video.
  2. Insert your status update -  edit the status update text of your ad.
  3. Add a link and Call to action - mandatory for Website Click campaigns, optional for all other objectives
  4. Creative (Facebook only) - customize the link title, caption, and description of your Facebook creative.




Here are the recommended image size and status update text length for both Instagram and mixed placements:


Creative Instagram  Facebook
Image Minimum 600x315 px. Recommended 600x600px. Ratio from 1:1 to 1.19:1

Minimum 600x315 px.

Recommended 1200x628 px.

1.19:1 aspect ratio
Status text Recommended 125 characters, maximum 300 characters Maximum 90 characters.




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