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Copy ad sets and save time


Do you want to create multiple ad sets with identical settings for those times when you need many ad sets where only a few details vary? Here’s how to do it easily from Advertise.


You can easily create multiple ads sets in Komfo by using the 'Copy' feature. To reuse settings from an existing ad set (completed or running), simply right-click on your ad set ad and click ‘Copy’. 




Choose the campaign you want your ad set to be a part of and click 'Next step'. Keep in mind that you can only clone ad sets in campaigns that have the same objective as the original campaign.




This opens the ad set creation wizard. All fields will be pre-filled with the same settings as the "old” ad set. You can easily make the minor changes you need, give it a new name, and simply click ‘Create’. Your ad set is now ready!



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