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How to monitor conversations from fans and followers

The key to succesful social media marketing is engaging content that has a clear connection to your company or brand - and your goals. When you share content with your community they will start repsonding to it - which we love. However, is it important that you have a plan for monitoring the responses in order to spend your time most effectively. The following guise will introduce all aspects of Komfo's Monitor.


Monitor your conversations

The Monitor tool is your social media inbox. This is where all the content from your community is gathered - everything from posts, comments, private messages, tweets, reviews etc. across all channel types. By default the newest entry is at the top but you can also sort your entries with the oldest one at the top. Each post will be visible in here until you have ‘archived’ it. I.e. after you have read the messages and possibly replied to them.

It is also possible to ‘assign’ a post, comment etc. to your colleagues, if someone else is more qualified to answer a specific question. When assigning, the assignee will get an e-mail about the assignment and will see it appearing under the "assigned to me" section. Additionally an internal note can be included that is only visible to you and your colleagues working in Komfo.








Measure your community's sentiments

Sentiment enables you to track how your brand or content is perceived in the social media environment by assessing the attitude, emotions and opinions of your community. By marking and tracking sentiments you will get good insights on whether your brand is perceived as negative, positive or neutral, thus giving you a better understanding of the satisfaction of your community.

If automatic sentiments are enabled, on each incoming post, comment, reply, tweet and private/direct message we set a sentiment as positive (green smiley), negative (red smiley) and neutral (grey smiley) based on content. If a sentiment was applied automatically a '!' will be displayed on the smiley icon. You can always change the sentiment by clicking the smiley face icon, or by using the keyboard shortcuts 1 for happy, 2 for neutral, and 3 for negative. 





Shortcuts to boost your productivity

There is a wide range of shortcuts that you can use for different actions in Komfo. With a single action, you can archive conversations, assign items to colleagues, like and favorite, apply positive and sentiments, and much more. Check out the cheat sheet below and download and print the PDF version

Read more about shortcuts here.






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