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How to avoid replying to the same items when you work in a team


When you have a team of moderators simultaneously responding to posts, comments, and replies from various channels, it is important to know when others start answering a specific thread. Here’s how the ‘Locked posts’ feature in Monitor helps you avoid responding to the same messages twice.


With the 'Locked posts' feature, you can collaborate real-time to messages from your community and, at the same time, avoid answering threads twice.

When you start answering content from Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you get a note in the reply field saying that the answer has been locked by you. You are also notified about the set duration of the lock.



At the same time, the rest of your team can see that the post has been locked by you and for how long. This way, you avoid having multiple people working on the same threads.





Other people in your team can easily take over the post by clicking 'unlock'. This function may come in handy if the post has been locked for a long time, possibly because the person responding to the thread has left their desk. When you unlock a post, you are taking over the conversation, and you can start creating an answer to a fan or follower.

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