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Share your dashboard with your colleagues


Easily share the content that matters and keep your colleagues in the loop with the help of the 'Share dashboard' function in Komfo.


A dashboard in the Measure section is by default private. However, you can easily share it with your colleagues for easy collaboration. If you want to share one of your dashboards, simply click on the share icon in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard you want to share.




You are then able to get a shareable link. Remember that if you do any changes on a dashboard that is shared with other Komfo users, you have to distribute the changes by clicking on the "distribute changes" button. If you don't do that they will not be able to see your changes.   




If you want to share a dashboard with people who are not Komfo users, take advantage of the export function visible in several widgets in the dashboard. Or simply take a screenshot. 

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