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Powerful Community Management Insights


We have added more data, more analytics, and more insights about your community in Komfo Measure! With the Community Management dashboard, we make it easier to meet the expectations for customer service on social.


You can do sentiment analysis across channels or drill down on a particular Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. You can track your social media response time across all your social media channels and check how many items each community manager has answered. And finally, you also have easy access to an overview of across incoming and outgoing conversations across your social media channels.

Our Community Management dashboard is based on unique Komfo data and is tailored to organizations working with customer service on social.


1) How to create a dashboard

2) The Sentiments Widget

4) The Channel and Community Contributions Widget

4) The Response Time Widget

2) The Team Performance Widget


1) How to create a dashboard

Go to Komfo Measure to create the Community Manangement dashboard. If you have not created a dashboard yet, then simply click the "Create dashboard" button. If you have already set up a dashboard, then click the plus icon in the top right corner to create a new dashboard. 



Choose the Community Management Dashboard and click "Next step". After that you give your dashboard a name and choose which social media channels you want to include in the dashboard. The Response Time widget can include data from Facebook and Twitter, and the Team Performance widget can include data from all social media channels. 



2) The Sentiments Widget

Sentiment refers to the emotion behind a social media mention online. It’s a way for you to track how your brand is perceived by the people in your community by measuring the tone of the conversation.

You apply sentiments in the Monitor section by reading each item (e.g. a comment or a direct message), evaluating the tone and assigning a happy, sad or neutral face.

The Sentiments widget in Measure gives you the full overview of the sentiments you have added to the items in Komfo Monitor. This widget is multichannel and works across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can be applied on posts/tweets, replies, comments, private/direct messages.


The widget is fully customizable to your needs. You can for example create a widget with sentiments across all your social media channels and a widget just showing the sentiment on a specific channel, like Twitter for example.


3) The Channel and Community Contributions Widget

These widgets give you an overview of the amount of incoming and outgoing conversations across your Facebook and Twitter channels. This allows you to keep track of how much content you and your team have contributed with, and the amount of content coming from your community.

We are capturing data on a weekly, daily and hourly basis, which means you can now determine when your community is actively reaching out to you on social media. With these insights, you know the exact times you need to be ready to handle any , from customers and potential customers on Facebook and Twitter. Dive into the data and use the insights to determine what your business hours should be, and whether you need to be actively replying over the weekend.


We are currently gathering data from Facebook and Twitter in the Channel and Community Contributions widgets, meaning we collect data on posts, tweets, replies, comments, private messages and direct messages.


4) The Response Time Widget

Giving your community a quick response to their questions, complaints, and feedback is important, especially if you are providing online customer service. If you are communicating your social "opening hours" to fans and followers you can now see your response time within those hours as well as your total response time, which indicates how long your community is waiting for a reply on average. Furthermore, you will be able to see your fastest and slowest response within your business hours and overall. 


You can set up different opening hours for all your Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts in Komfo if you are an admin user. To enter your opening hours, click on your profile image in the upper right corner, go to Channels and find the channel you would like to set or change the settings on.



Click om the settings wheel



Click on Opening hours 


From here you click “Edit”, choose your time zone, and enter the opening hours. Bear in mind that the stats are updated going forward, so it will take a little time before the changed opening hours will be fully reflected in your analytics section. 



Only items that are replied to from Komfo will be included in the response time. If you archive an item, without making a reply/comment, it will not be tracked. If there are certain items (posts, comments or replies) that you do not want to track in the response time, then use the label "do not track" in the monitor section before you make the reply, and the response time will not be included in the calculation. Click on "Add labels"


If you have set up business hours the "off time" will be subtracted from the calculation. Let's look at an example:

Your opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm on your Facebook Page (like the example above). 

  • You receive a new post / comment on your Facebook Page Monday at 10 am and you reply 10:15 am. Your response time will be 15 minutes for business hours and overall time. 
  • You receive a new post / comment on your Facebook Page Monday at 5:30 pm and you reply 6 pm. This will not be counted in your business hours but it will count as 30 minutes in the overall time.  
  • You receive a new post / comment on your Facebook Page Saturday at 2:00 pm and you reply Monday at 10:00 am. Your response time will be 60 minutes for your business hours and 1 day and 20 hours for your overall time. 


5) The Team Performance Widget 

The Team Performance widget allows you to track how your team is performing across all your social media channels in Komfo. Check how many published items each community manager has created across your social media channels, how fast a response is provided to fans or followers, the number of archived items per user, and much more. The data in this widget will only be available to admin users unless the dashboard is shared with other users. The widget can include data from all your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn). 

The following data is provided for each user:

  • Published posts across all social media channels
  • Published comments on Facebook (comments, replies, private messages), Instagram (comments), Google+ (comments), Twitter (replies), YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Average response time on Facebook and Twitter
  • Archived and assigned items across all social media channels
  • Notes and labels added to items across all social media channels





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