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How to export a dashboard or widget


We have made exporting in Komfo even easier! You are now able to export data from Komfo Measure and feed data into your central business intelligence software (e.g. Microsoft BI, Tableau or Mixpanel) through our APIs.


This takes us one step closer to our vision of creating more open data access. It enables you not only to take your social media reporting to the next level, but also to analyze valuable social media insights as an integrated part of your business data and your overall company performance dashboards.

As a start, you can export/feed data straight from the widgets ’Pages Overview’ and ’Published Posts’ in Measure. Besides the data available in Measure, we are also providing you with the breakdown of each metric (e.g. how the Facebook reactions are distributed, as well as a breakdown of clicks in links, photos, videos etc). 

If you are interested in feeding this data into your business intelligence systems, please reach out to your account manager or our product specialists at and we can guide you from there. 


Export data from Measure 

You can export data from the ’Pages Overview’ and ’Published Posts' widgets in Measure by gathering all the data in an Excel file. The exported Excel files will not only show you the numbers that are already available in Measure, but also the breakdown of each metric.





E.g. for ’Reactions’ in the ’Pages overview’ widget, you can hover over the numbers to check how often has your community on social media used ’like’, ’love’ etc. These numbers are easily accessible in the the report making diving into data easier. The exported data from the ’clicks’ metric gives you a quick breakdown of links, photos, videos etc. This goes for all the twelve metrics that are available in the widget. This way, you can also make graphs to see the e.g. development of the number and behavior of your fans.

In the ’Published Posts’ widget, we are providing the average number of the three chosen KPI’s for the selected channels, as well as the timespan of the widget. If you also want to see the total numbers, you can easily access them in the exported file. This way, you can, for example, get an overview of the total clicks generated on all posts within a specific timespan of the posts that have a certain label (e.g. all posts related to your Christmas campaign). 

These are just a few examples of interesting data that you can dive into by exporting widgets or dashboards from Komfo, The raw data that you export can also be used for data crunching or fed into other systems for advanced data analysis/mining.


How to export data from Komfo Measure

Go to Measure and select the dashboard that you want to export. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the widget and choose 'Export widget'. Your file is now generated and ready for download!



Please note that there is a limit to the number of 'points' you can download. The limit is 9,000. Points are defined as: # of channels X # of days

For example, if you have 150 channels in one widget, you can export for 60 days as 150*60 = 9,000.  

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