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Why fake Facebook profiles and shared logins are not a good idea


The way we choose to administer our social channels is a very individual process. While some like to keep personal and professional lives separate, others prefer a personal Facebook profile to access their work tasks faster. Here is why you should avoid using fake profiles representing your brand and shared logins in Komfo.


Facebook is not happy about fake profiles
Facebook accounts that violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities may be disabled by Facebook. Possible reasons include, among other things, the creation of personal profiles that represent companies, the use of fake names and unauthorized logins to your account. Therefore, it is not allowed to have a personal profile named as your company, for example. We often experience that Facebook deactivates profiles that violate these rules. In these cases, you risk losing access to all pages and campaigns connected to the fake profile.


Shared login vs. personal
Similar to other software licenses, your login for Komfo is personal. This way, you have access to a role-based user interface that enables you to give certain users permission to particular sections, as well as assign Facebook posts and comments to specific users. As a Komfo user with a personal login, you can opt for a social login (using your personal Facebook or Google+ profile) or neutral login (using your work email). The latter is good for users who don’t want to have their personal Facebook profile associated with their work. Find out how to switch to a neutral login if you are already connected to Komfo via a social login.


Easy and fast communication
When you have a personal login to Komfo, you receive important updates straight to your personal work email. This email is also used when you communicate with our support or access our Help Center. This way, you have fast access to relevant news, as well as smooth and effective communication regarding your Komfo account and the use of our platform.

We hope that the above clarifies the importance of using personal profiles to administer your social channels like your Facebook Pages, as well as accessing Komfo.

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