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Get alerts when your attention is needed


We believe that a day in the life of a social media professional should involve more than legwork. That’s why we’ve made it easy to work smart in Komfo by helping you get notified when your attention is needed through intelligent alerts.


If you want to get notified on advertising event and potential shit (or love storms) dynamically, the intelligent alerts in Komfo can make your daily life easier. Here's Find out how to set up Komfo alerts for both email and mobile.

Advertising alerts

Do you want to follow the progress of your ads easily and get notified when certain events occur? You can easily do that straight from Komfo by creating intelligent alerts. You can personalize them to the channels you use most to save time and optimize your workflow.

Check the guide on how to set up advertising alerts.


Storm alerts

Keep unwanted threads from going viral and provide reliable customer service with the help of storm alerts. In Komfo, you can easily detect excessive user activity and avoid shitstorms with the help of storm alerts.

Check the guide on how to set up storm alerts.

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