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Komfo Social Listening - a next generation listening tool

We are working on the concept for a new generation Komfo Social Listening - an actionable and easy-to-use tool.

We want to make it easier for your team to identify and engage with the right people outside your own channels. In an ever-expanding sea of social content, you want to find out who is talking about your brand easily and make the best use of it.

Whether you want to deliver a great customer service experience, nurture important influencers or convert leads into customers, you also want to be able to evaluate how to engage with your community. Here is where a powerful social listening tool comes into play.

We are now at the prototype stage of your new Komfo Social Listening tool. Contrary to our previous estimates, that we would make the tool available in the fall of 2017, we have decided to postpone the release until next year.
There are two main reasons for this:

Firstly, we have just completed our annual customer survey. We are pleased to see that the overall satisfaction level has increased a lot, but we also see room for improvement in regards to our core functionalities. Therefore we have chosen to prioritize what matters most to our customers. This means, among other things, that improvements to our Mobile app, Publisher, and scheduling tools, as well as the expansion of our current Measure and Ambassador/Influencer detection, have been moved to the top of the queue.

Secondly, our feasibility studies - including focus groups - highlighted quite different needs in terms of social listening. Therefore, we want to ensure that our product gives the best possible value to our customers from day one. We will not rush through a concept. Instead, we will spend a bit more time on refining our concept before our tech people start the development.

The new Social Listening is expected to be released in 2018. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback.


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