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Is your browser ready for the new Komfo?


With the launch of the new Komfo identity, we are one step closer to our vision of creating a world-class product that is closely aligned with the newest internet technologies. For this reason, we have embraced leading web browsers in order to make your experience working in Komfo smoother, faster and more dynamic. 

In order to make Komfo device-responsive and support features like drag-and-drop and animations, the new interface will be supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. All users of Internet Explorer will need to run Microsoft Edge or one of the other supported browsers in order to gain the full potential of the new Komfo.


Towards future-proof browsers
During early 2016, Microsoft announced that they were going to stop the support for the earlier versions of Internet Explorer (8, 9, and 10) on most operating systems. To most of us, the news came as no surprise. It only made it clear that they were channeling their efforts on developing Edge, a future-proof browser that is up-to-date with modern technologies. In turn, this led to a decline in the number of current Internet explorer users. According to W3counter, 4.55% of global traffic was performed on Internet Explorer in the last month of 2016, and over half of global users opted for Chrome.

We’re here to help
For running the new Komfo and explore all its features to the fullest, we strongly advise current users to upgrade to the newest versions of the supported browsers. Read more about how to upgrade to the newest versions of the different browsers below:


If you have any questions about how to upgrade, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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