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Storm alerts - identify posts that need urgent attention


Since 2012, many brands have experienced ”shitstorms” on their Facebook page. This happens when a community reacts to one or more user-generated timeline posts, often very critical, and the post goes viral. Here’s how to prevent them from setting off with storm alerts in Komfo.


Keeping an ear to the ground can be a challenging task for a social media manager. Reacting very quickly to critical posts from your community reflects reliable customer service and helps you keep unwanted threads from going viral. In Komfo, you can easily detect excessive user activity and avoid shitstorms with the help of storm alerts.

A storm alert is a forecasting tool in Komfo that helps you identify the posts that need your urgent attention. Alerts are sent via email and/or SMS, and can be turned on for every Facebook page straight from Komfo. To enable alerts on excessive user activity on a Facebook page, simply go to your Profile in the upper right-hand corner and click on "Channels". 



Next, find your Facebook page in the list of channels, click the settings icons, and choose "Storm alerts". 




Configure your storm alert for this specific Facebook page. 




'Trigger limits' are the total of user-generated timeline posts (fan posts) and the total of comments on fan posts within a period of time, entered as minutes.

These values reflect a specific Facebook page, hence it is recommended to examine the overall communication flow on your page. If your Facebook page is mainly intended for customer service, you will most likely experience user-generated posts with questions from your community. In turn, this should be reflected in the fan posts trigger limit.

For most pages, we suggest entering five posts and ten comments within 60 minutes, and adjusting the values if you experience too many false alarms.

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