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Komfo Connector in Sitecore - what, how, where?


Komfo Connector is an integrated tool that brings the power of Sitecore data into Komfo through custom audience creation, targeting, and segmentation, as well as campaign creation and analytics.


Komfo connector provides you with a simple and effective way to create custom audiences using Sitecore xDB data that can be used for advertising on social networks. The tool also provides quick access to the Komfo platform and gives an analytics overview of the social channel, therefore allowing social media marketers to bring the power of Sitecore’s xDB segmentation, list management, and campaign creation together with Komfo’s media management tools. You need Sitecore 8.1 to use Komfo Connector.


What is the Komfo Connector

Komfo Connector is an integrated tool that gives you access to the Komfo platform, the ability to create and implement custom audiences for targeting and segmentation purposes, and an analytics overview of how your campaigns on social media channel perform.

The Komfo Connector enables you to create custom audiences that connect the Sitecore platform to your Komfo accounts. You can use custom audiences to link your contacts list and campaign in Sitecore, then use the Komfo Connector to send targeted Facebook advertisements to specific customer audiences.


How it works

Let's assume that you are a travel website that gathers information about all the people between 35 and 65 years old who have visited a page about vacations in Venice and sends that information to Sitecore. If these people had not booked a trip to Venice yet, you can send a contact list to Komfo. Komfo will match your list with Facebook and Facebook will send the people on the list adverts on trips to Venice.

After you have installed the module, you can open the Komfo Connector from the Sitecore Launchpad.



Read all about the integration possibilities and how to configure the settings.


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