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The New Komfo | March 2017

We have been working on a new visual identity and a new design to make Komfo smarter, more useful, and more fun to work with. This new experience has been released on March 13, 2017. Below is a summary of the most important updates and features in each area of Komfo. 



Organic targeting

It is now possible to target organic posts to your desired audiences through Komfo Publish. You can both limit the audience by age, gender, language, and location (using a custom radius) and target your posts to users who have specific interests.



Carousel posts

You can now make organic carousel posts straight from Publish! This is an easy way to showcase multiple images, links, and headlines for your News Feed, on both desktop and mobile. To create a carousel post, you only need to create a link post and, from there, add the multiple images and call to actions that you want.  



Branded content

It's now possible to use Facebook's "Branded content" feature in Komfo! Branded content allows you to tag content (text, photos, videos, links etc.) that includes a third party, brand or sponsor. Branded content on Pages is only allowed from Verified Pages (with the blue badge) on Facebook. 

The look of the branded content posts is like all other posts in Komfo. What differentiates it as branded content is the “with” tag - placed next to the name of the Page that has shared the post. When you share an update with branded content, the name goes wherever your Page name goes.



Activate advertising

Advertising in Komfo Publish has become even easier! Advertising is activated from Komfo Publish (as usual). What is different is that ads labels are now located in a new section called "Activate Advertising". The ads labels are also listed in the other label section, the difference being that they are listed without the $-sign (only for categorization purposes) and that using them here will not activate advertising. 





You can access the previews of your posts easier! They are now all located in the right side of the screen, where you are able to see both desktop and mobile previews with a single click. 




Automated sentiments

We have rolled out Automated Sentiments - our very first Machine Learning feature! Sentiments are used to track your community sentiments over time as a valuable measure of your customer service or the general attitude towards your company and brand. All incoming messages can be marked as positive, negative or neutral. We have trained Komfo with this data by using advanced machine learning. What does this mean for you?  You are saving a lot of time monitoring conversations, as we are now able to suggest the correct sentiment while simultaneously learning from every input. The only thing you need to do is to review the suggested sentiment and change it, if needed. Furthermore, if you are not actively working with sentiments in Monitor today, you will still be able to make sentiment analysis in Komfo Measure based on automatic sentiments.

To change a sentiment in Monitor, simply click the smiley and change to whatever mood is suitable.



Template answers

With the new Komfo, you can create your own templates texts and custom codes to trigger these. E.g. you might have a variation of intros, actual answers, and outros that you use responding on social and, with a bit of training, it would just take three quick codes to answer a message. We expect customers adopting the short codes to see a significant drop in response time. You can create template answers straight from your User Profile page in Komfo.


Once you have created a few answers, you activate them from the Monitor section by typing "::".


Template answers are currently personal, but it will soon be possible to also create answers that can be used at an organizational level.


Private message attachments

Attachments in private messages are now accessible for all users. You don't have to be an admin of the page to see them.


See Instagram usernames

You can now easily see the name of Instagram users who are writing to you. This way, you can easily tag a specific user when replying. 



Ban users

You can now ban users directly from Komfo Monitor. We recommend banning people who continually publish spam on your Page. You can choose to unban them at any time. When you ban someone from your Page, they'll still be able to share content from your Page to other places on Facebook, but they'll no longer be able to publish to your Page, like or comment on your Page's posts, message your Page or like your Page.



Hide posts

You can now also hide posts from your Page, not just comments and replies as earlier. 



Archive thread permanently

It's now possible to choose to archive a thread permanently, so you don't need to archive new comments/replies in that specific thread on an ongoing basis. This feature can be useful when running contests where users enter the contest by writing a comment with a correct answer. We advise you to use this with caution though, as it's always a good idea to review all incoming comments from the community on your Page.

To archive a thread permanently, check the checkbox "Auto archive future items". This box will be shown as unchecked by default when clicking "Archive thread". 



Assign with searching

We have added a search field when assigning items to colleagues to help you route your conversations faster. 



User history

You can easily access all items from a specific user by clicking the new "User history" link. This is a shortcut for searching for content from specific users. The overall search (for both keywords and user names) is located in the top right corner, as previously. 




It's now easier to navigate and set up advertising in a fast and simple way with the help of the new design and flows in the advertising section.


Accessible menu bar

We have simplified the menu bar, so that you have easy access to all necessary areas (ad sets, tracking, audiences etc). 



Basic and advanced views

The creation of ad sets is now divided in a basic view, which includes all the required fields, and an advanced view, which lists all the detailed targeting, pricing, and scheduling settings. You can easily toggle between the two. 



Zip code targeting

We have updated the possibilities in location targeting and included ZIP and postal codes. Simply write the code and choose it from the list. 





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