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Minimize response time with template answers


We have introduced new tools to help you work smarter in Komfo. Template answers and custom quick codes make your daily workflow faster and easier by significantly minimizing response times.


Why use template answers

If you want to experience a significant drop in response time, take a look at template answer. You can now create your own templates texts and custom codes to trigger these from Komfo Monitor. Let's say that you have a variation of intros, actual answers, and outros that you often use when you respond to your community on social. With a bit of training, you can answer all your messages with the help of three quick codes.


How to use template answers

You can create template answers straight from your User Profile page in Komfo. Click on your Profile image in the upper right-hand corner and then "Profile".



Click on "Add template" in the upper right-hand corner and insert the text of your template.



Once you have created a few answers, you can easily activate them from the Monitor section by typing "::".




Template answers are currently personal, but it will soon be possible to also create answers that can be used at an organizational level.

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