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Track your community's sentiments


Honing a strong social media strategy means focusing on the metrics that matter. Here’s how to measure your community’s attitude towards your brand with the use of sentiments.


We live in an audience-first digital era, where tapping into your customers’ journeys and understanding their views about your brand have become essential steps in genuinely growing your business. Tracking community sentiments on social enables you to work smarter by optimizing the output of your social media efforts.

What are community sentiments?

First things first: what are sentiments and how do they work? In essence, social media sentiments function in the same way as the sentiments we are all familiar with: they refer to a feeling, an emotion or an attitude. In social media, sentiments reveal a tone or an emotion conveyed in a social mention about your brand. If you work with customer support or simply want to know more about your customers, gauging into sentiments offer a valuable way of measuring how your community perceives your services and your brand. Analyzing sentiments by marking them as negative, positive or neutral provides you with a better understanding of the level of satisfaction of your audiences.
Measure your community's sentiments

In Komfo, you can tap into content from your social media community (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked) and assign sentiments straight from the Monitor section. To do that, you just need to give a happy (green smiley), sad (red smiley) or neutral face (yellow smiley) to every individual item in the form of posts, tweets, replies, comments, and private or direct messages. By default, all contributions are marked as neutral, but you can easily change a sentiment by manually clicking the smiley face icon.



Analyze your community’s sentiments

After assigning community sentiments in Monitor, you can start measuring their impact in the Measure section. Whether you want to analyze sentiments across multiple social media channels or drill down a specific Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, the Sentiments Widget in Measure helps you gain a full overview of all sentiments. Here’s how to get a comprehensive understanding of the overall satisfaction of your community. The widget is fully customizable to your needs. You can, for example, see how sentiments progress over a specific period by creating a widget showing the sentiments on a specific channel e.g. Twitter. This can be used alongside a widget covering the overall sentiments across all your social media channels.




In Komfo Measure you can make a sentiment analysis looking at the sentiments across all your social media channels. Read more here

Apart from multichannel analysis, you can also tap into the sentiments history of a specific user by simply clicking on their profile image in Komfo. A user profile opens and thus gives you insights on a user’s latest activity and sentiments. This way, you can quickly see if a user has been negative towards your brand by analyzing the overall progression of their sentiments. This is a useful feature in e.g. conducting customer service, where you can angle your replies based on the attitude that users have had towards your brand and services over time.


Automatic sentiments for working smarter and faster

By tapping into the way our customers work in Komfo, we have taken sentiments to the next level and added powerful machine learning algorithms to Measure. What does this mean for you? Through advanced machine learning processes applied across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, we can make your experience working with sentiments smarter and more efficient. With every incoming message, you mark as positive, negative or neutral, Komfo becomes faster and better at suggesting the next correct sentiment, therefore saving you time and improving your workflow on social. We are continuously training Komfo with this data while simultaneously learning from every input.

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