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Automatic sentiments


By tapping into the way our customers work in Komfo, we have taken sentiments to the next level and added powerful machine learning algorithms to Measure. What does this mean for you?


Through advanced machine learning processes applied across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, we can make your experience working with sentiments smarter and more efficient. With every incoming message you mark as positive, negative or neutral, Komfo becomes faster and better at suggesting the next correct sentiment, therefore saving you time and improving your workflow on social. We are continuously training Komfo with this data while simultaneously learning from every input.


How are sentiments set and changed?

Komfo will automatically detect whether your incoming messages are positive, negative or neutral. If the suggested sentiment should be changed, simply click the smiley icon and change it with one click. 

You can also use our smart shortcuts (using the keyboard keys 1, 2, 3) to change sentiments.
Read more about shortcuts




Turn automated sentiments on/off 

If you want to turn off automated sentiments, simply click on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner, and then click on Channels. 



Find the channel where you want to turn off automated sentiments. Click the settings icon and select automated sentiments. 




When the button is black, automated sentiments are enabled. Click it if you want to disable automatic sentiments and Komfo will no longer suggest a sentiment. From now you can only set sentiments manually. 





Read more about Automated Sentiments.

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