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User Profiles and other updates | May 2017

Over the recent months, we’ve been working on our latest feature: User Profiles. Tapping into your current social media needs, we have made a range of improvements and tweaks to existing features. Here’s a run-through of this month’s most important updates and new features.

User Profiles in Monitor

Optimizing user experience starts with understanding your customers. In the current social media ecosystem, tapping into your customers’ journeys has become a prerequisite for creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships. Knowing your customers enables you to engage with them at every step of their journey on your social networks.

With the new User Profiles, you get a quick overview of who your customers are and how they have engaged with your brand. Read the full guide to User Profiles.


Improved search in Monitor

With the improved search feature in Monitor, you can now include your own contributions in search results. This way, you can look up the answers you want to reuse. Read more about searching for users and content

Updates for Automated Sentiments

With the New Komfo launch, we have released our first machine learning feature: Automated Sentiments. This saves you a lot of time monitoring conversations, as we are now suggesting the correct sentiment for the specific interaction. However, some organizations prefer setting the sentiment manually and therefore, we’ve made it possible to switch Automated Sentiments on/off on each social media channel in Komfo. Read more about how to switch it on/off

If Automated Sentiments are enabled on your channels, the results are now also reflected in Komfo Measure in the sentiments widget. Learn more about how to analyze your community’s sentiments.

Exporting a Facebook thread

The 'Export thread' feature is now available in Komfo, meaning that you are able to download comments and likes on each post and e.g. easily draw a winner for your contest. This way, you can manage and organize participants from competitions effectively. Read more here about how to export threads


New KPIs in Measure
We have recently added more KPIs to the Published Post widget in Measure. These additional KPIs can now be exported, as well:

  • Link clicks
  • Reach (number of unique users who have seen your post)
  • Impressions (total impressions on your post)
  • Negative feedback (a breakdown on the spam score)

Read more about how to export data from Komfo Measure 


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