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Seize your customers’ journeys with User Profiles

Optimizing user experience starts with understanding your customers. In the current social media ecosystem, tapping into your customers’ journeys has become a prerequisite for creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Knowing your customers enables you to engage with them at every step of their journey on your social networks. With a powerful social media relationship software, you get the complete picture of each individual customer from their first to their last interaction on social. That’s why we have introduced User Profiles in Komfo: to enable you to make users the focal point of your social monitoring.

Your customers in focus
With User Profiles, you get a quick overview of who your customers are and how they have engaged with your brand. This way, you can keep an eye on active users by marking them as a favorite, as well as moderate social media traffic more efficiently.



To open up a User Profile, click the Facebook profile image in Komfo. In the pop-up, you’ll get valuable information about this specific user:

  • First seen: the date the user made the first interaction on your Facebook page
  • Latest action: the date the user made the latest interaction on your Facebook page
  • Total actions: the total number of interactions on your Facebook page
  • Engagement: the Engagement score indicates the social activity of this user in the last six months
  • Influence: the Influence score is calculated based on the activity of other users engaging with the selected user in the last six months 
  • Sentiments breakdown: the number of positive, negative, and neutral smileys connected to this user.
  • User history: a link to an overview of all conversations with this specific user

Favorite users to follow interactions
With User Profiles, you are able to “favorite” a specific user with a star. When favoriting a user all the following interactions will be marked with a star so you will easily distinguish conversations with this person from all other items in Monitor. Moreover, favorited conversations will be ranked higher in the list of new items in Monitor so conversations from people you consider important (e.g. influencers and ambassadors) are prioritized over other conversations.

Keep track of valuable information with notes

User Profiles also make it easy to attach notes to specific users. You can use these notes to jot down valuable information about the user, such as shopping behavior, takeaways from previous conversations, link to your CRM base etc.

User Profiles are currently available for Facebook conversations (except private messages and reviews). We will soon be supporting User Profiles for private messages.

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