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Weekly Planner | July 2017

Be the first to know about the latest updates and releases to take your social media to the next level! Over the recent month, we’ve been working on our latest feature: Weekly Planner. Besides that, we’ve also been making a bunch of improvements to existing features. Here’s a run-through of this month’s most important updates and new features.


Weekly Planner

Community and content management just got easier! With the new Weekly Planner, you get an even better overview of both your scheduled and published content across all your social media channels from one single interface. Overcome information overload and focus on the content that matters by getting 360-degree insights into your organization's content on a weekly basis.


Read more about the Weekly Planner.


We’re making your UX in Monitor even better!

You asked - we listened. After releasing the New Komfo in March, we have received a lot of feedback from our customers. Some of the things were small suggestions to make the work in Komfo easier for all you community managers. The following improvements are now live: 

1) Improved marking of items in Monitor

Marked items in Monitor are now highlighted with a green box so they are easier to distinguish from other items.



2) Attachments in private messages

Attachments in Facebook private messages are now opened in a new tab directly in your browser. This means that you don’t need to download them to your computer first in order to see them. This applies to formats where it’s possible (e.g. photos and videos). However, there might be certain formats not supported by your browser that still need to be downloaded.  

3) More items are loaded in Monitor

We have increased the list of new items in Monitor from 10 to 30 items. This also applies when clicking the “see more” button at the end. In this way, it will be faster for you to work in Monitor when there’s a bunch of new items to answer and archive.  

4) Assigning emails includes more information

When assigning items to colleagues from Monitor, an email notification will be sent out. This email now includes more information than previously, so it’s easy for the new assignee to see what the conversation is about before heading to Komfo to write the reply.  


Private messages in User Profiles

Last month we released User Profiles, to enable you to get a quick overview of who your customers are and how they have engaged with your brand. We have now expanded the data in User Profiles to also include private messages from Facebook. 


Read more about User Profiles.   


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has recently changed their API regarding accessing LinkedIn Groups. Unfortunately, this will affect integrations with LinkedIn Groups for all third-party tools (including Komfo). This means that it will no longer be possible to add new LinkedIn Groups to Komfo or monitor existing group conversations. This change will NOT affect LinkedIn Company Pages, as they will continue to work in Komfo as usual. 


“Donate Now” button

The “Donate Now” call-to-action option on Facebook is now available in Komfo Publisher. This way, it’s easier for nonprofits to connect with the people who care about their causes and encourage them to contribute through a website of their choice. The “Donate Now” button is only available if your Facebook Page is categorized as non-profit. Currently, this call-to-action can be applied on organic link post and carousels. From mid-July you can apply it on paid posts, as well.



Monitoring Instagram ads

It’s now possible to monitor Instagram ads directly in Komfo. Previously, we only gathered comments on your Instagram ads, but we’ve now also made it possible to answer them (like organic content).  You can now reply all your Instagram comments straight from Komfo!



What’s new in Measure  

You asked, we listened! Smarter Pages & Ads Overview widgets, new metrics for Published Posts and Facebook Exports, an easy way to visualize ‘Active Posts' - all this and a few more neat features to make working in Komfo even easier! The following improvements are now live: 

1. The Pages Overview widget just got smarter

You wanted the default view in the Pages Overview changed, you got it! The four different metrics that you are familiar with are the same, but the order has been changed to meet your needs better. What is more, we have also added the CTR metric to measure the results of your organic, viral, and paid content on a page level.  


2. Purchase Value in the Ads Overview widget

The ‘Total Conversion Value’  in the Ads Overview widget has been replaced by “Purchase Value’. In addition, the registration & checkout values metrics have also been removed.  

3. New metrics and redefined posts in the Published Posts widget

We have added Facebook’s engagement score, video views- and reactions to the Published Posts widget in Komfo. In addition, every post with a paid reach in Facebook and Instagram will be now marked as an advertised post (blue $" icon) in the Published Posts widget.



The engagement rate is calculated like this: 



4. Newly added metrics when you export from Facebook

You can now get more out of your Facebook Excel exports thanks to newly added metrics! In the Facebook Measure Dashboards, you will also get an overview of: Viral Amplification (Organic Impressions, Viral Impressions, Paid Impressions), CTR (Clicks, Link Clicks, Impressions), Spam Score (Negative Feedback), and Fan Penetration (Fans Reach, Total Fans).  

Read more about how to export data from widgets and dashboards

5. Active posts overview

In Komfo, the metrics in the Posts Overview widget are based on ‘Active Posts’.  Up to now, the number of active posts has not been visible in the widget, as we were only showing published posts. We have added a graphic counter to show you the total number of ‘Active Posts’, to make it easier to get a clear picture of how the corresponding metrics have been generated.


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