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Create an omnichannel experience

Sitecore has shown the world that they have a strong vision of owning the digital experience through data.


A CMS at its beginnings, it is now a completely integrated platform.

The introduction of a central database and the collection of user behavior data have turned Sitecore into a strong player in the customer intelligence game. They help organizations gain complete visibility of their customers’ interactions from that first initial visit, across all experience channels.

Over the course of the past year, Sitecore has worked in close collaboration with us to make Komfo part of their integrated omnichannel marketing suite by utilizing our Custom Audience API.


Focus on collaboration

In order to create a truly omnichannel experience, it is important to make social media an integral part of the marketing suite. The integration is focused on easy collaboration between Sitecore marketers and Komfo advertising specialists. Information flows smoothly between systems, allowing co-workers to continue using the workflows they prefer. Marketers can rejoice, as data flow is automated to create a real-time experience that enables them to follow up on their efforts.


The benefits
The extensive information collected in Sitecore around customer behavior is used for creating Custom Audiences in Komfo for advertising purposes. A marketer working in Sitecore can create lists of people (based on emails and telephone numbers) for specific campaigns and then send them to Komfo with an added note explaining the purpose of the list. In Komfo, the list is received as a Custom Audience in the Advertise section and can be used effortlessly in Facebook or Instagram campaigns.


The immediate benefits

  • Easy collaboration: Easy creation of Custom Audiences from one software system to the other. Easy collaboration made possible through the note system.
  • Governance: No visible data is shown outside Sitecore. A Komfo expert will never have access to the emails or phone numbers that are part of a Custom Audience.
  • Automation: As soon as information changes in the database in Sitecore, the system sends a message to Komfo to change the Custom Audience. This ensures that campaign data is always updated.


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