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New Placements and Instagram analytics | July 2017

Be the first to know about the latest updates and releases to take your social media to the next level! Over the recent month, we’ve been working on new placements in Ads and new possibilities for Instagram in Measure. Besides that, we’ve also been making a bunch of improvements to existing features. Here’s a run-through of this month’s most important updates and new features.

Updates in Instagram Measure
We have made Komfo Measure more powerful by adding more Instagram analytics! In the new widget, Posts Overview, you'll get insights on your Instagram activities over time so you can easily follow your overall engagement, comments, likes, and stories.




Besides that, we have also added four additional KPIs to the Pages Overview Widget:

  • Post stories - the total number of likes and comments
  • IPM - average number of interactions per thousand fans in the selected time period:
        1000*(no. of interactions)/no. of active posts on a given day/number of fans
  • Likes - total number of likes in the selected time period
  • Comments - total number of comments in the selected time period



Read more about the Instagram dashboard and how to set it up


New placement options for your Facebook and Instagram ads
We have added more placements for Facebook and Instagram ads in Komfo to give you even more possibilities to show your ads in the places where they are most likely to perform well and get an optimal response rate.

The placement of your Facebook and Instagram ads can heavily influence their performance, as well as factors such as cost-per-action. That’s why we have added new ad placement options in Komfo. By supporting the placement of ads in Instagram Stories, Instant Articles, In-stream Videos, and Suggested Videos, we provide you with even more possibilities when advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Read more about the different formats 


Target Facebook fans from other pages
Are you administering multiple Facebook pages via Komfo? Then this neat feature is for you! You can choose to target fans, friends of fans, or non-fans of any Facebook page(s) you are an admin of (if they are added to Komfo) when you set up ad sets for another Facebook page you administer in Komfo. If you wish to target all connections - fans, friends of fans, and all other, simply leave the 'Connections' fields empty.


Read more about setting up ad sets in Komfo


Updates in ad sets for website clicks and website conversions
Facebook has recently removed the objective “Mobile app engagement” when creating ad sets. For this reason, you should now choose between “Website” or “Mobile application” in the Traffic section when creating ad sets for Website clicks or Website conversions. You should choose “Website” (which is chosen as default) unless you have a mobile application you want to drive traffic to.


Updates in ROI with purchase value
We have introduced a new KPI in Ads called “Purchase ROI” that indicates your return on investment.

Earlier, your ROI was only calculated by Total Conversion Value, which could include both “add to cart”, “purchase”, “complete registration” etc. With the additional KPI, “Purchase ROI”, you get an ROI focusing only on your sales.



Organic link posts
Facebook has recently removed the ability to customize link metadata (i.e. headline, description, image) on organic link posts through their API and directly on their platform (you can only change the image here).

We understand that many publishers have workflows that rely on overwriting link preview metadata in order to customize how their content appears on Facebook. Therefore, we have made a workaround to accommodate this need: customized link publishing will continue to be possible, meaning that you will be able to change link texts and thumbnail photos. However, this means that features such as limit audience (age, gender, interests etc.) will not be available for these links.

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