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New placement options for your Facebook and Instagram ads

We have added more placement options for Facebook and Instagram ads in Komfo to give you even more possibilities to show your ads in the places where they are most likely to perform well and get optimal response rate.

The placement of your Facebook and Instagram ads can heavily influence their performance, as well as factors such as cost-per-action. That’s why we have added new ad placement options in Komfo. By supporting the placement of ads in Instagram Stories, Instant Articles, In-stream Videos, and Suggested Videos, we provide you with even more possibilities when advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

What are ads in Instagram Stories?
Ads in Instagram Stories are ads that appear in people's stories on Instagram. Presently, Instagram supports both photos or videos that are up to 15 seconds long. You can also add a link or a call-to-action button to your ads to support the goal of your social campaign.

What are ads in Instant Articles?
Instant Articles are a fast way to distribute interactive articles to your Facebook readers in order to give them a better and more engaging experience.

What are ads in In-stream Videos?
Ads in In-stream videos are mobile and desktop ads that appear before, during or after native videos on Facebook. They typically last anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds.

What are ads in Suggested Videos?
Ads in Suggested Videos are ads that you can place in the player of suggested videos on Facebook.

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