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The Facebook pixel - measure ROI through conversion tracking

Did you know that the Facebook Pixel can help you track custom and cross-device conversions? Here’s how to make use of its powerful capabilities to assess the return on investment of your social advertising.

The Facebook Pixel is a great tool to make your social advertising strategy more effective. You can use it to retarget your website visitors on Facebook or Instagram through custom audiences to gain a clear picture of whom you are advertising to. Once it’s implemented on your website, the Facebook pixel is also great for conversion tracking. This helps you get a clear picture of how your ads are performing in terms of success actions.

Track custom conversions
In a similar way to targeting custom audiences, you can also use the Facebook Pixel to track custom conversions. Think of conversions as specific success events that resulted from your Facebook and Instagram ads and have a quantifiable effect on your website. They can be anything from finding out how many leads your social campaign has generated to how many people have completed a website purchase. What is more, targeting can also be done cross-device, which means that you can follow the actions of specific audiences moving from desktop to mobile or tablet.

At this point, you might be wondering how can targeting conversions benefit your Facebook and Instagram advertising efforts. Basically, they can help you measure social ROI better and optimize your campaigns along the way. At the moment, Facebook offers only 40 custom conversion per account, so make sure to use them wisely.


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