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Mobile app and Twitter dashboard | August 2017

Be the first to know about the latest updates and releases to take your social media to the next level! Over the recent month, we’ve been working on the Twitter dashboard in Measure and a brand new Monitor mobile app. Besides that, we’ve also been making a bunch of improvements to existing features. Here’s a run-through of this month’s most important updates and new features.


Mobile app

The new Komfo Monitor app is now available for download! Besides enabling you to monitor your conversations and interact with your community on the go, the mobile app also offers additional features along those you already know from Monitor - such as favoriting channels and the option of getting push notifications whenever you have new items to attend to.




Read more about the app and get direct links to download it.


Twitter dashboard

We have made Komfo Measure more powerful by adding Twitter analytics! This allows you to track your performance on Twitter - both on an overall level, as well as for in-depth analysis. Over time, you can easily follow your engagement, tweets, favorites, and retweets.

The Twitter dashboard consists of four widgets per default:

  • Pages Overview
  • Posts Overview
  • Community Growth
  • Published Posts


Similar to all other sections in Measure, you can also choose to customize your dashboard to show exactly what you want to see. That means that you can mix Twitter, Facebook and Instagram widgets in the same dashboard and thus track your results across all three networks in one and the same overview. 


Updated date picker

The date picker in Measure has been updated. Here's what's new: 

  • The previous option 'Last week' was renamed to 'Last 7 days'
  • 'Last 2 weeks' was removed
  • 'Last month' was renamed to 'Last 30 days' and now covers the last 30 days exactly, whereas 'Last month' could cover different time periods according to the length of the different months - 30, 31, 28 etc. 
  • New option: 'This month'. This is a dynamic period that always shows data for the month we are currently in. Example: if today is August 3rd, it will show August 1-3, whereas tomorrow it would show 1-4 and so on. 
  • New option: 'Previous month'. This is a dynamic period that always shows data for the full previous month. E.g. if we are in August, the 'Previous Month' time span will show data for all of July. When we enter September, it will show all of August etc.



New delivery graph

We have added an estimated delivery graph to your ad sets. When editing an ad set you will be able to see a graph of the estimated results your ad set will give based on the budget you have set and your previous performance.




Read more about the delivery graph.

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