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Twitter Dashboard

With Twitter analytics, Komfo Measure has become even more powerful! Track performance, follow engagement, and get an in-depth analysis of your Twitter account straight from Komfo. 

Similar to all other sections in Measure, you can choose to customize your dashboard to show exactly what you want to see. That means that you can mix Facebook, Instagram and Twitter widgets in the same dashboard. This makes it easier to measure your social media efforts across networks - and to easily compare the different networks to each other. 

The Twitter dashboard in Measure consists of 4 widgets per default:

  • Pages Overview
  • Posts Overview
  • Community Growth
  • Published Posts.


Pages overview

Get an overall summary of the activity on the Twitter account(s) you add in the widget as well as how it looks compared to the previous period.

The metrics in the widget are:

  1. Fans: The total number of fans for the last day of the selected period
  2. Fans Increase: Sum of the daily fan increase for the selected period. This metric will have the following breakdowns
    • Total Follows
    • Total Unfolows
  3. Posts: Sum of all admin tweets published in the selected period. This metric will have the following parameters
    • Page Tweets
    • Quoted Retweets
  4. Favorites: Sum of daily favorites on the active posts for the selected period.
  5. Retweets: Sum of daily shares on the active posts for the selected period Favorites
  6. Replies: Sum of daily comments on the active posts for the selected period
  7. Post Stories: Sum of daily favorites, retweets and replies on the active admin tweets for the selected period. This metric will have the following parameters
    • Favorites
    • Replies
    • Retweets
  8. IPM: Sum of IPM for this period. Interactions per mille (Post stories, Active Posts*, Fan base x 1000). 
  9. Hashtags Count: Sum of the total times any hashtag has been used for the tweets published in this period.
    • 1st most used hashtag and the number of times its used
    • 2nd most used hashtag and the number of times its used
    • 3rd most used hashtag and the number of times its used etc. 




Posts Overview

The Posts Overview provides you with an overview of your performance from day to day over the given time period and for the selected metric. This gives you a quick overview of which days your content performed the best. 

You can see your performance based on these metrics: 

  1. IPM: Daily IPM of all active posts
  2. Stories: Sum of Daily Favorites, Replies and Retweets from all active posts
  3. Favorites
  4. Replies




Community Growth 

In this widget you will be able to follow your net likes over time, as well as comparing the development in followers across different Twitter accounts by changing from 'overview' to 'comparison' in the top right corner of the widget.

The metrics of the widget are: 

  1. Net Likes: The difference between follows and unfollows
  2. Likes: Daily Followers increase
  3. Unlikes: Daily decrease of Fans




Published Posts

Get insights on how each individual post has performed in the 'Published Posts' widget. Use filters to see your performance for specific post types (All, only tweets, only quoted tweets), or filter by the same labels you are using on your other social media channels to compare performance. 

The available metrics are: 

  1. IPM
  2. Stories
  3. Favorites
  5. Replies
  6. Hashtags in the tweet




How to create a Twitter dashboard

Go to Komfo Measure to create a Twitter dashboard. If you have not created a dashboard yet, then simply click the "Create dashboard" button. If you have already set up a dashboard, then click the plus icon in the top right corner to create a new dashboard. 



Please note: 'Posts' are defined as a tweet made by your account, and includes quoted retweets but not direct retweets that haven't had a quote/text added by you. 


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