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Master Drafts, Influencers, Topics dashboard & User Profiles 2.0 | November 2017


Influencers & Topics Dashboard

With the Influencers & Topics Dashboard, you are able to get an overview of who the top influencers and engaged users on your page(s) are, as well as which words your community is writing on your channels. This dashboard helps brands provide better customer service on social, produce better and more relevant social media content, as well as observe the overall brand health on social. Read more about the new dashboard here


Influence and Engagement score added to User Profiles

When clicking the profile image of a user in Monitor, you will see the full profile of that user. We have added an Engagement and an Influence Score in the profile to indicate how engaged each user is compared to your entire community and how influential each person is. See more about the Influence and Engagement Score here.


Master Drafts

Nine years in, and we're still on a mission to let you do even more with social and maximize content management performance. Say hello to Master Drafts. If you're planning content and Ad campaigns across multiple pages while collaborating with central and local editors, you’re going to love Master Drafts, the newest feature in Publish. Read more here.


Additional options for Website Custom Audience

When creating a custom audience based on your overall website visitors, you now have the option of not only targeting the ones who have visited your website or those who have visited specific URLs, but also of targeting based on how much time a person has spent on your website (in seconds) or how many times they have visited the website.


Remove a channel from a folder

When composing content to a folder consisting of many pages, it is now possible to remove one or more channels from the target field.


An upgraded version of the Mobile Monitor App

We have made the Mobile Monitor App even more powerful! With the new updated version, you can can now enjoy a few more neat features. You can now prioritize conversations from important people by having items favorited by users ranked higher in the list of new items. You can also use @mentions/tagging of other pages when commenting or replying.

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