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Influencers & Topics Dashboard

With the Influencers & Topics Dashboard, you are able to get an overview of who the top influencers and engaged users on your page(s) are, as well as which words your community is writing on your channels. This dashboard helps brands provide better customer service on social, produce better and more relevant social media content, as well as observe the overall brand health on social. The dashboard consists of two widgets: ‘Influencers and Engagers’ and ‘Word Cloud’.


The Influencers and Engagers Widget

The Influencers and Engagers widget shows you the top 50 influencers and engagers on selected social media channels. Their rank is based on the score they have in either influence or engagement.


A user’s Influence Score is calculated based on:

  • The Engagement Score of users who have replied to a comment or post created by this user.
  • The total number of likes on posts, comments, and replies created by this user
  • The total number of shares of posts, comments, and replies posted by this user.


A user’s Engagement Score is calculated based on:

  • The total number of posts, comments, replies the specific user has created.
  • The Influence Score of unique admin posts and comments the specific user has replied to.
  • The Influence Score of unique users the specific user has replied to.


You can switch between seeing top influencers or top engagers from the dropdown menu in the top-left corner of the widget.





All users will be marked with their rank in among the top 50 and with the network logo. By clicking on the User Profile picture, you will see a trimmed down version of the User’s Profile, which will show you the following:


  • Favorite/Star marking
  • First seen
  • Latest action
  • Total actions
  • Notes
  • User history - if clicked, this will open the history of all actions made by this user on your channels in monitor in a new tab




Please note that in the User Profile in Monitor, the score is based on the latest 180 days, while in Measure, it is based on the time period chosen by the user. Based on this, the Influence and Engagement Score of the same user on the same channel will be different in Monitor and Measure unless the same channel has been chosen or a period covering the latest 180 days.


The Word Cloud Widget

The Word Cloud Widget shows you which words your community are mentioning the most on one or more of your channels. The results are based on the content created by your community on the channels you have chosen within a specified time period, and shows the top 50 most used words. The Word Cloud is based on:


  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Replies
  • Private Messages


You can choose to filter the Word Cloud based on sentiments, in order to see which words were the most mentioned for neutral, positive or negative sentiments respectively. The sentiment will be taken from the sentiment on the item in Monitor regardless of whether it was applied automatically or manually.

Following are the rules that are taken into account in the analysis of the top 50 topics:


  • The Word Cloud is not case sensitive
  • We have a list of English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German block words that we exclude in the analysis
  • Emails, URLs, emoticons, and numbers are not indexed
  • Multi-word phrases such as "Happy New Year" are not indexed
  • Words that have hyphens are indexed as both whole words and individual words. I.e. "multi-threaded" is indexed as "multi", "threaded", "multi-threaded"
  • Multiple spellings of the same word are handled as different words. i.e. "søster" and "soster" would be different words
  • Hashtags are regarded as separate words, i.e.  “#komfo” will be different from ”komfo”
  • Profanity words (i.e. "fuck") are not blocked by default- they can be blocked by including them in the "blocked" list under ‘Client settings’ (see below)
  • The “ ' “ sign is regarded as a separation character. I.e. Apple's computer was great would be indexed as "apple"
  • The grammatical structure of the word (i.e. singular/plural/gender/tense) is not taken into account. I.e. "running" and "run" are different words, so are "apple" and "apples".
  • Words that start with a digit or only have digits or punctuation characters (!"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?) are filtered out. I.e. “45$60” and “45-60” will be filtered out, but not “#23” (does not start with digit)
  • Tagging of other users in items in Monitor do not count as words in the Word Cloud


You can add additional words to your block list. This is done either in ‘Client settings’ when clicking on your profile image, or from the Word Cloud widget itself: 


Only Admins can add words to the block list. Please note that words are blocked on a client level, so, if you have multiple brands working under the same client in Komfo, the words each admin blocks will be blocked for all other brands under the same client.

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