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Instagram Dashboard in Measure

We have made Komfo Measure more powerful! With the addition of Instagram analytics to Komfo Measure, we are providing you with the right tools to measure, prove, and share the impact of your marketing efforts cross-network.

In the Instagram dashboard you can to track the engagement level of your individual and total posts, hashtag usage, follower growth, as well as reach, CTR and impressions of your paid campaigns. With this detailed information at your fingertips, it's easy to track performance across channels or drill down on a particular Instagram account to see what topics and types of content resonate most with your audiences. 

With Instagram analytics on Komfo Measure, we are one step closer to our vision of providing you with the overall performance of your brand's cross-network social activities.


The Instagram dashboard 

The Instagram dashboard in Measure consists of 4 widgets per default: Pages Overview, Posts Overview, Community Growth, and Published Posts. Similar to all other sections in Measure, you can also choose to customize your dashboard to show exactly what you want to see. That means that you can mix Facebook and Instagram widgets in the same dashboard. 

1) How to create an Instagram dashboard

Go to Komfo Measure to create the Instagram dashboard. If you have not created a dashboard yet, then simply click the "Create dashboard" button. If you have already set up a dashboard, then click the plus icon in the top right corner to create a new dashboard. 


Choose the Instagram Overview and click "Next step". After that you give your dashboard a name and choose which Instagram channels you want to include in the dashboard.



2) The Pages Overview Widget

In the Pages Overview widget, you can get an easy overview of your performance on Instagram. You can select between 8 different KPI's and see how you have performed in the selected time period, as well as how this compares to the previous time period.


The KPI's you can select from are:

  • Fans - total number of fans on the last day of the selected time period
  • Fan increase - total number of new fans for the selected time period
  • Posts - total number of posts published in the selected time period
  • Hashtags - total number of all hashtags mentioned in posts in the selected time period
  • Post stories - the total number of likes and comments 
  • IPM - average number of interactions per thousand fans in the selected time period: 1000*(no. of interactions)/no. of active posts on a given day/number of fans
  • Likes - total number of likes in the selected time period
  • Comments - total number of comments in the selected time period


3) The Posts Overview Widget

In the Post Overview widget you'll get analytics on your Instagram activities over time. See the development of your overall engagement (IPM), Comments, Likes, and Stories. 



4) The Community Growth Widget

In the Community Growth widget, you can examine your follower growth. You'll get a detailed overview of your follower increase and decrease for the period chosen. Net likes = likes - unlikes. You can choose to compare up to 5 different Instagram accounts. 



5) The Published Posts Widget

The Published posts widget contains all posts published in the selected period of time, including both ads and organic posts. You can switch between average and total values for all posts in the selected time period. 

The following KPI's are available for your posts:

  • IPM
  • Stories (comments + likes)
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Hashtags
  • CTR (only available for ads)
  • Impressions (only available for ads)
  • Reach (only available for ads)
  • Clicks (only available for ads)
  • Link clicks (only available for ads)

You can choose to sort the posts by each of these KPI's to see the ones with the highest, or lowest, performance. You can also choose to see the average or totals for the selected metrics in Published Posts. This enables you to e.g. get total engagement for selected time periods. 

Please note that some metrics are only available for ads. This is a limitation in the technical access from Instagram. Advertised posts will be marked with a dollar sign next to them so you can easily see which of your posts are ads and which are organic. 

You can get data in the Instagram Dashboard from the day you added it to Komfo, or two years back if the account has been added to Komfo for more than 2 years. 



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