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Instagram Publishing is here!

We are thrilled to announce that we have just released Instagram Publishing in Komfo! With this addition to the Komfo Suite, you can now take advantage of the full circle of Publishing, Advertising, Monitoring, and Measuring on the network. This is a result of our close partnership with Instagram, as well as our continuous effort to make our customers the first to get the newest social media features that can help them make an impact.


Day-to-day delivery to our customers!

Just yesterday, Komfo got the news that Instagram finally allows publishing from external software solutions and, knowing, how requested this feature has been by our customers, we have been working nonstop ever since to make it happen. This probably makes us one of the first social media software solutions in the world that enables you to publish your content on Instagram easily and instantly.


“Marketers are already working professionally with Instagram content, but to plan and publish in larger organizations, you need a tailored workflow that includes publishing. This is strategically important for us and our customers, so we’re very proud to launch the first version of this product in less than 24 hours.”
- Jonas Als, Director of Product, Komfo


Instagram without the ‘insta’

Up to now, Instagram has held back on the publishing option by maintaining a policy whereby posts on the network should be “instant” and created from a mobile device. With Stories taking that role and planned content already being available as sponsored posts, it is becomes obvious that Instagram has grown up and that publishing is the next logical step. Publishing is available as a beta test for selected Instagram partners. This means that you, as a Komfo marketer that spends a lot of time delivering great content, can now have the full control over publishing.


How to

Here’s how to start publishing on Instagram straight from Komfo:

1. First, you need to make sure that your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account: And that the Instagram account you want to publish to is added as a channel in Komfo.

2. Then, you need to give permissions when you log in to Komfo:



3. You’re good to go!

Choose Compose, Instagram, and the channels you want to publish to. Publishing to multiple pages is supported. To add a hashtag, just type it in the text e.g. "#running".




Please note that the Instagram account needs to be a business account in order to be able to publish from Komfo. 


What’s next?

In Komfo, we’ll spend the near future making sure that all our enterprise workflows around content creation together with our automation features work for Instagram Publishing, such as drafts and scheduling. Stay tuned!    

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