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Switch to Instagram Business Profile

Due to the changes made in the Instagram Graph API, Komfo is requiring all personal Instagram profiles connected to Komfo to switch to a business profile.


If you do not complete the switch, you will lose the ability to interact with Instagram comments within Monitor. Please note that this will only affect the personal Instagram channels. Your connected Instagram account might already be a business profile and linked to a Facebook page, as this has been a requirement for Instagram publishing in Komfo since this feature was launched. If so you do not need to make additional changes. If not, please follow the guide below:

Actions required of you: 

  1. If your Instagram account is not a Business profile you need to convert it to a Business profile - see how to convert your account here:

  2. Go to your Facebook page on Facebook (Only one Instagram account can be linked to any single Facebook page)

  3. Click on ‘Settings’

  4. Click on ‘Instagram’ in the left menu




You will now see this popup, login to your Instagram profile: 



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